Agua Amarga is one of the best places to spend the holidays Almería, call it the jewel of Cabo de Gata. It is a charming village has several very nice bars for a drink and enjoy views of the sea and the sea breeze

At the eastern end of it the remains of an old pier where ships with iron ore from the mines of Lucainena de las Torres there are still loaded. It included in the General Catalogue of the Andalusian Historical Heritage through collective generic entry 2003.

Agua Amarga parties are July 25 in honor of their patron St. James: childish game, popular games, water games, regional dances, sea procession and the popular party nights. Agua Amarga holds part of its fishing tradition, but has become a major tourist center of the coast. It was once a quiet little village, but that was history.

Agua Amarga The name comes from the Arabic Al-hawan, meaning water location. It is one of the most populated coastal populations nijareño municipality. In the late nineteenth century and the early decades of the twentieth century an important mining activity took place. There was a mining railway between Lucainena and Agua Amarga, in which stood a pier cove (for more information read the article on the loading of ore Agua Amarga

The village of Agua Amarga is formed by a group of simple, white houses, and some hotel facilities next to the sea.