Las Negras was inhabited almost exclusively by fishermen, today the small town share this activity with tourism. If we approach the beach in the village can see the fishing boats every night still operating in its waters, and walking around is still possible to come across a herd of sheep or goats of a local pastor, who still uses pastures Cabo de Gata. In contrast to traditional homes we can find hotels and new construction despite their modernity do not clash, since among other things respect the height and the white of the houses.

Las Negras gets its name from the mountain that lies to the left of the village, the Black Mountain, a great mass of dark volcanic material, which due to the erosion has spread over the sea and beaches people black stones that fill the banks of this color.

Due to the proximity of the Cala San Pedro, which has hosted since hippies communities do years in the village is palpable air of bohemian reflected in some stores and houses.