Rodalquilar is located in the heart of the Natural Park in the middle of a valley that bears its name, surrounded by hills that in springtime are tinged with green and summer long drier, make the village of Rodalquilar in an oasis of trees, plants and flowers.

Rodalquilar is one of the most interesting places in the province of Almeria and a must see in the Natural Park of Cabo de Gata for its history, its gold mines, its spectacular scenery, its beaches, its people … and all that remains to be discovered “on the ground”. The mining town where the miners and now abandoned day living, worth a walk.

It is ideal to relax and enjoy the tranquility in the village entrance still the old houses of the miners remain, now abandoned, on which there is a future rehabilitation project.

You can visit the Tower of Alum, the Botanical Garden or Albardinal these are essential visits to feel a real oasis with 9 hectares is home to numerous plant ecosystems, both species indigenous, like cacti, palm trees and tropical plants. You can also visit the museum of mining and old mines.

The Tower of Alum, an old defensive tower built in the sixteenth century, is the oldest building in the park, and the mine served to protect the people from attacks by pirates . During the Middle Ages in the village of Rodalquilar mines Alum mineral that was used for fixing the colors in fabrics and high economic value in antiquity were exploited. Barbary pirates advantage ore transportation to the beach to steal it, which is why the tower was built on the road from the beach, store and protect the mineral.

Can not forget to visit the Cortijo del Fraile, only 5 km. It is the best representation of large farmhouse or manor farmhouse of this area. This location also gets many visits from people who are attracted to the aura of mystery about this place due to the tragic events that Federico Garcia Lorca immortalized in his book Blood Wedding.