San Jose has its origin in a fishing village located in the bay of San José, between the Cerro En medio y el Cerro de Cala Higuera. San Jose is a corner of Andalusia which still retains the essence of white houses, traditional fishing village in which proliferates sustainable tourism development and consistent with the entorno.San Jose has become the tourist center of the park. The town square has a lot of life, there are catering establishments with terraces and some shop, a playground, to let the children enjoy and promenade. On holidays they offer some craft stalls necklaces, pendants, decorative objects, etc … Made of various materials like leather, metal or shells. These interesting places are proof of the Bohemian part of foreigners who have chosen the setting of Natural Park to live and make a living from their craft or artistic activity.

The village is surrounded by a privileged natural environment and Nearby are the most beautiful beaches and coves of the Mediterranean, such as Mónsul beach or beach Genoveses. and the festivities of the people of San Jose are in March, on the second weekend of August, the Fiesta del Turista is celebrated restoration activities, entertainment and leisure that are made to entertain the visitor population flood.